About us

The collaboration was set up by doctors and researchers from the Amsterdam UMC and Maastricht UMC+. Since its initiation, the consortium has been continuously expanding thanks to  many doctors, data scientists and researchers joining the team. The consortium would like to thank everyone involved for their efforts.


  • Nederlandse Vereniging voor Intensive Care
  • Stichting Nederlandse Intensive Care Evaluatie


COVID-19 ICU Decision Support
  • Dr. Paul Elbers, projectleider, intensivist, Amsterdam UMC
  • Drs. Lucas Fleuren, arts-onderzoeker intensive care, Amsterdam UMC
  • Prof. dr. Armand Girbes, afdelingshoofd IC volwassenen, Amsterdam UMC
COVID-19 data
  • Dr. Martijn Beudel, projectleider, neurologist, Amsterdam UMC
  • Dr. Mark Janssen, neuroloog, klinisch neurofysioloog, Maastricht UMC+
  • Dr. Pieter Kubben, neurochirurg en ontwikkelaar Neuromind, Maastricht UMC+
  • Dr. Marcel Aries, neuroloog/intensivist, Maastricht UMC+
  • Dr. Wouter Potters, technisch geneeskundige, Amsterdam UMC
  • Prof. dr. Guido van Wingen, hoogleraar neuroimaging in de psychiatrie, Amsterdam UMC
  • Maarten Ottenhoff, data scientist, Maastricht UMC+
  • Prof. dr. Bernard M.J. Uitdehaag, hoofd Neurologie, Amsterdam UMC

During this project, in a short timeframe, multiple professionals have become involved in the project:

  • Dan Piña-Fuentes MD, post-doctoraal onderzoeker, Amsterdam UMC
  • Rajat Thomas, data-scientist, Amsterdam UMC
  • Derk Arts, CEO Castor EDC
  • Nick Nurmohamed MD, PhD student, Amsterdam UMC
  • Rens Reeskamp MD, PhD student, Amsterdam UMC
  • Shi Hu MSc, PhD student, Amsterdam UMC
  • Victor Garcia MSc, PhD student, Amsterdam UMC
  • Willem Herter, directeur, Pacmed
  • Bas Vonk MSc, software engineer, Pacmed
  • Ricardo Lopes, PhD student, Amsterdam UMC
  • Lucas Ramos, PhD student, Amsterdam UMC

COVID Predict consortium

There is intensive cooperation between the various specialisms of the research institutes involved:

Intensive Care
  • Dr. Paul Elbers, intensivist, Amsterdam UMC
  • Marcel Aries, intensivist-neuroloog, Maastricht UMC+
  • Drs. Lucas Fleuren, onderzoeker, Amsterdam UMC
  • Sesmu Arbous, intensivist, LUMC
  • Dave Dongelmans, voorzitter Stichting NICE, intensivist, Amsterdam UMC
  • Diederik Gommers, voorzitter NVIC, intensivist Erasmus MC
  • Sander Rigter, intensivist, St. Antonius Ziekenhuis
  • Patrick Thoral, intensivist, Amsterdam UMC
  • Prof. dr. Armand Girbes, intensivist, Amsterdam UMC
  • Prof. dr. Menno de Jong, viroloog, Amsterdam UMC
  • Prof. dr. Marion Koopmans, viroloog, Erasmus MC
Internal Medicine
  • prof. dr. Joost Wiersinga, infectioloog, Amsterdam UMC
  • dr. Liffert Vogt, nefrologie, Amsterdam UMC
  • dr. Hanneke Joosten, ouderengeneeskunde, Maastricht UMC+
  • dr. Patricia Stassen, acute geneeskunde, Maastricht UMC+
  • prof. dr. Saskia Middeldorp, vasculaire geneeskunde, Amsterdam UMC 
  • Rachel ter Bekke, cardioloog-electrofysioloog, Maastricht UMC+
  • prof. dr. Yigal Pinto, cardioloog, Amsterdam UMC
Neurology/ Neurosurgery
  • dr. Martijn Beudel, neuroloog, Amsterdam UMC
  • dr. Mark Janssen, neuroloog - klinisch neurofysioloog, Maastricht UMC+
  • dr. Pieter Kubben, neurochirurg, Maastricht UMC+
  • dr. Joost Raaphorst, neuroloog, Amsterdam UMC
  • dr. Robert Hemke, radioloog, Amsterdam UMC
  • dr. Alain Viddeleer, radioloog, UMCG
  • dr. Martijn Nobel, radioloog, Maastricht UMC+
Other research groups
  • Computational Intelligence, VU University (Dr. Mark Hoogendoorn)
  • Precision Medicine, Maastricht University (prof. dr. Philippe Lambin)
  • Amsterdam Machine Learning Lab, University of Amsterdam, (prof. dr. Max Welling)

List of representatives for participating hospitals